Purchasing Wood Products
For Sustainability

Wood Products Purchasing Policy

Promote University use of sustainably harvested wood products in accordance with statewide executive orders.

In the belief that long-term sustainability is essential to the well-being of the University of Oregon, the state of Oregon, and beyond, all campus projects are encouraged to purchase and use certified sustainably harvested wood products whenever possible.

Additionally, the University of Oregon highly discourages use of old growth wood products in campus purchasing. Such actions are consistent with Executive Order No. EO-00-07, the UO Sustainable Development Guidelines, and the UO Comprehensive Environmental Policy and are in the interests of obtaining best value in wood products purchases.

As Universities evolve to consider the bigger picture, campus environmental policies are looking towards global environmental stewardship through purchasing practices. Besides looking at Buying Recycled, schools are now looking into bigger issues such as supporting sustainable forestry and elimination of purchasing of old growth wood. Indiana University adopted a NO OLD GROWTH purchasing policy, which begins to address this issue. Here are some useful websites that are beginning to address this issue. If you have any information that you think is useful to this discussion, please contact us and will try and include this information on our website. Contact us: recycle@uoregon.edu

Forest Stewardship Council - http://www.fscus.org

UO Sustainable Development Plan - PDF Document

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