Waste Management
Food Vendor Guidelines

WELCOME new and returning food vendors!

The UO Zero Waste Program is proud to work with campus to create zero waste events. Over the recent years, the UO Zero Waste Program has been working to increase waste diversion at all campus events. Due to efforts to recycle and compost (food waste, paper disposables, real plates and forks), overall material going to the landfill from campus events is greatly decreased as a result. The system includes recycling of standard materials such as: glass, cardboard, plastic bottles/tubs/jars, clean plastic bags, metals, and cooking grease. Compostables include food waste and paper products.


1. Use WAXED CUPS instead of plastic. Waxed cups break down in the composting process.
2. Use PAPER products that are compostable with our system, and do NOT use any plastic lined plates or bowls. STYROFOAM IS BANNED AT UO!
3. Use REUSABLE BULK CONDIMENTS. Individual condiment containers are not recyclable, contaminate the composting and generate waste.
4. Do NOT GIVE OUT STRAWS AND LIDS unless requested. Straws and lids are garbage items.
5. FOLLOW attached guidelines for recycling/composting and foodware purchases.

*With new compostable products becoming available, if possible, change all disposables to compostables to be compatible with zero waste events.

Thanks for doing your part to make this event a zero waste model.


The vendor recycling site for glass, metal, plastic, clean plastic bags, drink boxes, paper and cardboard will be located next to the dumpster.

DRINK BOXES (Milk/Soy-type box cartons): Please rinse and flatten.
GLASS: All colors accepted. Please rinse, discard plastic lids.
METALS: Please remove labels and recycle as low grade paper.
Rinse and flatten. Metal lids go here!
PLASTIC BOTTLES/TUBS/JARS/BAGS: Please rinse, flatten and
discard plastic lids. Clean plastic bags OK!

LOW GRADE PAPER: All varieties of paper. NO food-contaminated
paper, paper cups, paper plates or corrugated cardboard please!

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD: Please flatten boxes and place in
collection cages next to dumpsters.

RINSE STATION: A rinse station will be located near the food vendor area.
This is a good place to rinse out recyclables.
COOKING GREASE: Please help by recycling cooking grease.
A barrel will be located by the rinse station.
PRE-CONSUMER FOOD WASTE: Please place all food waste in
bins marked “Food Waste Only”. No meat, dairy or post-consumer
food waste please. Labeled food waste collection containers will
be distributed to the food vendors the morning of set-up.

OTHER COMPOSTABLES: Please compost all paper plates, napkins, chopsticks and waxed cups in the compostables bin in the food vendor recycling area.

The public collections for recycling, composting and other, are located throughout the event.
NO Styrofoam Plates
NO Plastic Utensils
NO Plastic or Plastic-coated Plates
NO Plastic Cups
NO Meat or Dairy Products
Plates Paper Plates
Chopsticks & Biodegradable Utensils
Waxed Cups
Veggies, Pasta & Grain Food Scraps

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