Reusable Office Supply Exchange



This wonderful self-service program is a place for you to bring all those surplus supplies lying around your office that you know someone on campus must be able to use. It’s also a place to find usable items that you need for your office FREE, no strings attached, saving all kinds of money and time on supply ordering for your department.


This program is available to all faculty, staff, administrators, GTF’s, and student groups. Come on in and check it out before you make that next Boise Cascade order.*


This service is conveniently located in a room on the North end of 180 PLC. It has its own entrance so you will never disturb a class. The light switch is outside the door on the left.


You can access the key via the English department’s regular office hours (8:00-11:45am, 1:00-4:15pm, Monday-Friday). The English department is located on the first floor of PLC. Bring reusable items you no longer need and set them in the designated area. We will shelve the incoming items for you. Help yourself to the items you need. Use the log book to record what and how much you took. It’s that simple. Appropriate items for R.O.S.E. may include: pens, pencils, manila folders, small equipment such as calculators, stackers, floppy discs, notebooks, staplers or whatever you’ve got. Just make sure that all items are in working order.

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