Recycling and Beyond: A college primer

UO Campus Construction Standards for Zero Waste

UO Environmental Policy

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UO Recycled Paper Policy

Zero Waste Campus Toolkit




Here are a few resources that provide an overview of best practices in implementation of zero waste in any sector. Recycling and Beyond: A college campus primer, lays out the groundwork for implementation of a zero waste system on a college campus. The Zero Waste Campus Toolkit provides an overview of zero waste and best practices on procedures and strategies in achieving zero waste on a college campus and in business and industry. Performing waste audits is a practice that can help identify the components of a waste stream and assist in laying the ground work for system implementation and source reduction. Establishing zero waste construction standards lays the foundation for campuses to manage campus construction projects with a resource focus and also serves as an opportunity to implement zero waste systems and equipment in campus buildings. The UO Zero Waste Material Tracking provides data from the University of Oregon on material diversion. Equipment is an important piece that is listed in this section as well.

GO ZerO Waste!

UO Zero Waste Sorting Guidelines