'Recycle Mania' hits University
Andrew Black Environment/Science/Technology Reporter
February 04, 2003 Daily Emerald

The University's "Green Giant," or Campus Recycling Program has enlisted the help of more than 3,000 students living in campus residence halls in a recycling competition that will pit the University's enviro-friendly image against some big names in academia.

Housing Recycling Coordinator Robyn Hathcock said the recycling program was asked to take part in the 10-week Recycle Mania contest against seven other college and university recycling programs, including Ohio State University and Harvard University.

"The University of Oregon has a strong reputation for having one of the top recycling programs in the nation," Hathcock said. "Bragging rights are on the table to be won, and Oregon is definitely seen by other schools as a formidable competitor."

The university that collects the largest amount of recyclable paper, cans, bottles and cardboard from residence and dining halls will win a trophy made out of recycled material. Scoreboards showing the progress of each school will be posted in H.P. Barnhart, Carson Hall and Hamilton Complex. Last year, Bowling Green State University won the Recycle Mania trophy by collecting 48 pounds per student during the 10-week competition.

Harvard Campus Recycling Coordinator Rob Gogan said the best strategy is to make recycling as easy as disposal for students. In last year's competition, the school finished fourth, recycling 38.9 pounds per student.

"We are excited about having the Green Giant -- the UO -- in Recycle Mania this year," Gogan said. "The bottom line is the Ducks better not count on beating us Angry Pilgrims."

In 1997, the National Recycling Coalition honored the University for having the best university recycling program in the nation.

From July 2001 through June 2002, the University recycled 1,229 tons of materials, averaging about 300 tons per term. Hathcock said the amount of materials
recovered in residence halls has increased exponentially since the Campus Recycling Program officially began in the early '90s. Hathcock said she hopes Recycle Mania will elevate awareness about recycling opportunities on campus and spur people to recycle materials this spring before moving out of residence halls.

Junior Serena Woods said students living on campus are environmentally conscious. Woods said she hopes to see students pitch in and recycle.

"The recycling program here is really good," she said. "I think we should place at least in the top three.

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