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In 2006 we composted over 1060 pounds of material from the Student Spring Street Fair...In total we recycled and composted 2499 pounds. The garbage was negligible and there are no tallies on this yet. My guess is that we recovered over 71.84% of the waste stream. (We did NOT use any special compostable products to do this!) At the event, we:

Here's the article from the student paper: Street Faire's zero effect

At the UO Willamette Valley Folk Festival, May 17-19, 2002, we used reusable plates and forks plus recycling and composting. It was highly successful and the waste was reduced to 1/2 of a 15 yard dumpster. It took a massive effort to do this and being a free festival people walked off with the plates and we found plates in the garbage!. We did this for 2 years and then decided to go back to compostables and recyclables. Ideally reusables could work for a for pay event (as you could charge a plate fee for the festival or a rental charge). Also with reusables, you need alot of volunteers (it took us 80 volunteers to do this for a festival that had an attendance of 5,000 each day). We have evolved with this effort and now have been able to attain more compostable foodware and drinkware and still maintain an over 80% recovery at these events.

Also for the 2006-07 School year we recycled 1494.40 tons of material for a recovery rate of approximately 47%

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Karyn Kaplan Environmental Resource and Recycling Manager
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