Dont Kill Polar Bears - Recycle : STOP GLOBAL WARMING

Join us in an effort to bring attention to plight of the polar bear. Don't Kill Polar Bears-RECYCLE is an important campaign that brings to light the importance of recycling as an individual effort that is a key component of stopping global warming and save polar bear habitat.

We have created a multi-media campaign to get the word out. Check out the animated slide show, which is in a video format or you can download the slide show and give it as a presentation.

In the past we have had students answer a 10 minute climate quiz (see below) and get a t-shirt from completing it. We then go over the answers with the participant. It's a great opportunity to educate people one on one and give them one thing to do to reduce their impact-Recycle.

Consumption results in landfilling. Methane is generated from landfills. Did you know that methane is 23X more powerful than carbon dioxide? Methane makes up 18% of the greenhouse gasses. Just by reducing your consumption you are fighting global warming. Recycling also saves energy, water, oil and other valuable resources like trees.

According to Weyerhaeuser's Environmental Savings, recycling one ton of paper saves:

  • 17 trees
  • 6953 gallons of water
  • 462.57 gallons of oil
  • 586.5 pounds of air pollution
  • 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 4077.45 KWhr of energy

Use this campaign to encourage people to: reduce their consumption, reduce use of disposables, promote reuse of beverage containers, water bottles, shopping bags and finally to encourage purchasing of recycled content items such as copy paper.

Waste reduction and recycling are the foundation for people to make better choices in everything they do.

Let's save the polar bears together and get the word out!



The UO Zero Waste Program is proud to announce that it was just awarded 2nd place in the EPA Video competition, Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice competition.
for 2010.

Polar Bear Movies
(Short & Long Versions)

Short Version

Long Version

Click on the graphic below to download it and

Create your own t-shirts with these free graphics.

We have created an awesome t-shirt that hast he polar bear on the front and the 10 things you can do, on the back. Feel free to use these graphics for ads, posters, t-shirts.

Here's some organic cotton t-shirts we like (we try to find ones made in the US, Canada or Mexico):

Article 1

Jim Morris Enviro-T's

Anvil Organic



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