UO Zero Waste Program Coord. Listserve

   Involvement in professional organizations and committees is an important opportunity for recycling professionals. These organizations and committees give you professional information, networking opportunities and input on impact on issues in your area. The UO Zero Waste Program is represented on:

Environmental Coordinators Lists
Anyone at the UO is welcome to subscribe to the Environmental Coordinators listserve. This listserve is managed by the Zero Waste Program Manager. Information is posted only by the Manager regarding zero waste and other environmental information applicable to the UO. If you want to post something to this listserve, send it to the Zero Waste Manager and it will be sent to the list. There are representatives from all campus departments on this network.
To subscribe to this listserve contact the Zero Waste Program Manager at: knowaste@uoregon.edu

Surplus Properties Exchange
There is a campus network set-up for departments to post things they don't need anymore or to acquire something needed. Some things are given away, others are sold. This network keeps things within the loop at the University of Oregon. If you would like to receive these postings, or post something to the network. Contact the Property Manager at: shereej@uoregon.edu

Also the UO has a website bulletin board that you can also post or look for items:

This listserve is an exchange that benefits all of us! Otherwise the property goes to the State Surplus for auction. Furniture, computers, office equipment and the like are exchanged through these networks.

Other non-UO Listserves

CURC, College and University Recycling Coalition - http://www.curc3r.org/
The College and University Recycling Coalition is a charter organization of college and university recycling professionals. This group is doing cutting edge programs which include networking, sharing resources, putting on webinars and conferences among other programs to assist colleges and universities in their sustainable waste management practices.

AASHE, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education - http://www.aashe.org/
An association of colleges and universities that are working to create a sustainable future. Their mission is to empower higher education to lead the sustainability transformation.

RECYC-L - http://www.curc3r.org/resources/recyc-l-listserv
RECYC-L is an email listserv about recycling and waste reduction programs at college and university campuses as well as related topics of interest to persons responsible for planning and implementing such programs. Subscription to RECYC-L is open to anyone who works with campus recycling issues. It is not a confidential list, however, list owners wish to limit and prohibit commercial advertisements and general municipal discussions, which are welcome elsewhere on the Web.