Zero Waste Event Services

The UO Zero Waste Program provides waste reduction/recycling/composting services to all campus events, campus catered events, meetings, conferences and other campus gatherings. Currently, the ASUO provides funding for all student groups to have these services at program events. For non-student groups, there is a fee for these services. Though campus catering offers compostable food ware for all campus catered functions, recycling/composting services are not included. To order these services for a campus function, contact: or call 541-346-2354

Please consider a zero waste event by ordering reusable foodware (plates, cups, napkins, utensils) through campus catering. Though this is an increased charge it will truly be creating a zero waste event. Save money by not ordering bottled water, get a free urn of water from catering and spending the savings on utilizing reusable food ware to make a zero waste event, which benefits everyone!

You can minimize charges for your event by:

  • Reducing the amount of waste produced by ordering durable reusable chinaware in planning your event
  • Working with the Zero Waste Program on managing the services through your event volunteers- a minimal charge will be incurred for drop off and pick up of the zero waste site equipment
  • Eliminating bottled water at all catered events and ordering a free urn of drinking water that comes with compostable cups

If you choose not to order these services, all of the materials will go to the landfill as Campus Catering does not provide any recycling or composting at campus catered events.

Contact us about zero waste events services-

UO Zero Waste Program Events Information
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Thanks for going ZerO Waste at campus events!